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Artists & Music Global Developers

We are a company formed by a record label, a music production company, and an artist management company, based in Miami with commercial allies in New York and Los Angeles. Created to meet the needs of the Latin and Anglo-Saxon market for new talents.

Representing different musical genres and focused on creating a brand with which artists feel identified for the development of their career, relying on the vision and professionalism that we offer with our team for the realization of musical and audiovisual products of the highest quality.

We are ready to produce, distribute and sell music, along with its alternative products worldwide through consumption on major digital platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Deezer, Pandora, Apple music, iTunes, Amazon music.


Our idea is to sign new talents offering as a main service their development, attended wherever they are. Creating the artist from scratch and turning it into a product that transcends borders with his musical work; being this elaborated by the best producers of the scene, which will be launched and publicized with the best strategy designed by our team.


We will also offer other services such as: music production (producers, composers, writers and musicians); audiovisual material (music videos and brand videos, animated videos); marketing packages for launches; booking agency for artist dates (live show).

LKN Founders
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